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October 21st at Shooters Sports Bar & Grill

To watch our short film, "Sim", which explains our Cow Bank program in Cambodia, click the banner below

Over a Decade Connecting People with People

HOPE-JP continues to work for the neglected poor and it is all thanks to kind-hearted people who have taken steps to make this world a better place...
a place where people are connecting to help families escape from debilitating poverty. 
Read the stories of our 3 Ambassadors:
Every year we bring out a report on the progress of our projects.
2011 was the celebration of 10 years of connecting people to people, we have a special anniversary edition that you can download here (PDF 6.3 MB).

HOPE extends compassion to the neglected poor. Over 30 years of service to the poor, HOPE has raised 200 million dollars in support of sustainable development projects that have forever changed the lives of more than 13 million people.
Working in Africa , Asia , and the Americas in such countries as Ethiopia, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan and the Philippines, HOPE International undertakes and supports people-oriented projects. These projects empower people and communities in need. Many projects focus on the provision of clean and safe water, sustainable living, primary health and sanitation, and the environment. The projects of HOPE are accomplished with the help of volunteers and the skills of the local people overseas, combined with the charity of people here who care.
It is HOPE International's aim to offer hope to the poverty-stricken and hungry: those whose present circumstances afford them none.
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